Training Services

Board and Training
$1,000.00 monthly

Board and Conditioning
$750.00 monthly

Pasture Boarding

Riding Lesson (no horse in training)

Riding Lesson (horse in training)
No charge

Hauling ($100 minimum)
$.85 per mile

As Billed

Blanket Wash

As Billed

Billed Direct

Stall Nameplate
As Billed

Leather Halter With Brass Nameplate
As Billed

Embroidered Barn Halter and Lead
As Billed

Sheet, Full-body Sleezie, Blanket and Hoodie
As Billed

Braiding At Show
As Billed

Photo Session Preparation

Wormer Paste Every Two Months

Show Services

Show Fees*:
Class A Show

Double Class A Show

Regional Show

Class A / Regional Show Combination

Scottsdale Show

Buckeye Show

Canadian National Show

U.S. National Show

*Show Fee includes: (a) Show set-up (decorating, carpentry, lumber and supplies, drapes, landscaping, lighting, area upkeep and cleaning). (b) Staff pay and expenses including hotel and meals. (c) Show work equipment (bridles, saddles, martingales, etc.) and show grooming supplies.

Common Area Fee:
Includes tack stalls, feed room stalls, grooming stalls, dressing room stalls, Early Arrival charges, Premium/Special Area stabling, Box Seats and Patron packages. Prorated based upon total number of all clients’ horses attending

Show Hauling Fee: ($100 minimum)
Hauling (Subject to change with 30 days notice based upon unusual escalation of fuel costs) $.80 per mile
Trip layover stabling – As billed by facility

Show Entry and Expense Fee:
Includes class entries, stalls, bedding, farrier and veterinarian/medical charges. As billed by show or service provider
Note: All show tack including saddle, bridle, bit(s), reins, saddle pad and show sheet to be furnished by horse owner

Sales Services

Sellers Agent Fee (Payable at time of sale)
15% of sale price

Sale or Promotional Advertising
As Billed By Ad Service

Breeding Services

Subject to Breeding Contract
As Billed Per Contract

Foaling Fee (Up To 4 Nights)

Each Additional Night